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Our Association comprises an Administrative Committee, which is the official management organ of the Association, and three branches - Nice, Cannes and Menton. 

Each branch has its Management Committee, with a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer, and Events Organiser. The Committee members are elected from Association members who have either proposed themselves, or have been asked to participate and have been welcomed on board.

The branches recruit their members (members' subscriptions are paid to the branches), and also collect donations to contribute to Welfare actions. The subscriptions cover sundry expenses such as postage, paper, ink, printing.  

Each branch ensures its local Welfare actions, and organises its functions.

There is no hard and fast rule as to which branch ensures which Welfare action, although geographic locality, as well as knowledge of the personal situation of the beneficiary, will mainly determine which branch intervenes. The fact is that we deal with personal situations which can be very varied, and sometimes require expert advice which cannot be found within the acting branch. 

The branches organise two types of function. On the one hand there are functions which are fund-raisers, to complete the funds available for Welfare actions, and on the other hand there are functions to encourage getting the members together for their own pleasure. In both cases the aim is for everyone to enjoy themselves. Such events are at the sole inititaive of the branch Committees. 

Within the branch membership the Association is constantly looking for volunteers to participate in Welfare, to organise events, and to bring to the Association any specific professional know-how they may have. The latter can be on an ad hoc basis, or as a recognised expertise, or again as a contributor, for example, to this web-site.

The Association provides a focus for British citizens living in the Alpes Maritimes by meeting regularly and offering pastoral and, when necessary, financial help.

We encourage members to integrate into their local environment, improve their mastery of the French language and work with the many local organisations and associations to promote cultural exchange.  Nevertheless, former UK residents have common problems in understanding certain aspects of French life, whether this is French taxation in its many guises, the health service or other administrative obligations. Newcomers to the Riviera can benefit from help in negotiating their way through the French Administration, or finding English-speaking doctors, dentists, etc. 

The Association is well aware of its financial responsibilities and limited funds and will only offer financial support to people in real need.However, other help is freely given, for example with shopping or home visits for the house-bound, lifts and/or language assistance for medical appointments and hospital visits. 


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