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The Cannes Branch Committee hopes that you have all spent a very Happy Christmas and we wish everybody a very Happy New Year. There will be all sorts of changes in The New Year, we cannot imagine how many. The British Association Cannes Branch must be prepared to help more people in difficulty and to continue the role we have played since our creation in 1957. We must never forget that our main goal is welfare, to help the members of The British Community in need. The Cannes Branch has organised some great events in 2011. This must continue and once again we ask everybody to suggest new ideas and to join the Welfare and Events Teams. So please offer what help you can. A big thank you to everyone who has supported our events throughout 2011, our beneficiaries are very grateful to you all. You will find the 2012 membership form on the Join up.........become a member ! page. 

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Chairman's BBQ 05-2011

Gastronomique Lunch 2011

Jenkell's GB Bonbon on the Croisette Cannes 2011



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